Discover an African Beach Paradise

 If you are looking for a more exclusive bush and beach holiday, easy to access from Southern Africa safari destinations, then Mozambique is for you. Here you can find diverse and exclusive accommodation, from boutique hotels on the coast, to luxury resorts on secluded islands. Here you choose from the bustling city of Maputo, and the turquoise archipelagos of  Bazaruto and Quirimbas. This is a country formed by welcoming people, natural beauty, rich culture, and a destination that will create your most treasured memories.

Highlights of Mozambique


If you’re looking for beach vibes and local culture, Vilanculos is the place for you. The beautiful bay has calm and shallow waters, ideal for water sports and fun in the sun. You can experience the best seafood in one of the local restaurants. Close by is the magnificent Bazaruto Archipelago, perfect for day excursions by boat. Activities include sailing on a traditional dhow, diving the pristine coral reefs, or horseback riding on an endless beach.

Quirimbas & Bazaruto Archipelagos

The Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos are ideal for those looking for romance and adventure. Composed of a series of untouched and truly remote islands, they are the perfect destinations for lovers of more exclusive and luxury accommodations. Unique tailored experiences include picnics on desert islands, diving, yoga and more.

Ilha de Mozambique

Located in a remote area in the north of the country is the mysterious Ilha de Mozambique. Sail to the island and explore the place on a guided tour and travel back in time through its dramatic colonial architecture, learn about the history of the country’s colonization and the culture of the people that live on the island.

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